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Industrial Chemicals

Product Image (BFH01)

floor hardener

BRONCO FLOOR TOP is ready-to-use blend of factory processed and specially graded metallic aggregate, special cement and additives, free from oil, grease and other contaminants. When it is broad casted on freshly laid concrete, after finishing, it forms a tough, hard, wear resistance monolithic floor.

Product Image (expansion joint)

Building Expansion Joint

BRONCO CEMSHIELD BAND EXP is a high performance waterproofing Expansion Joints tape based on functional thermoplastic elastomer for applications of sealing joints and cracks in areas exposed to high water pressure and thermal movement.

Product Image (PS SEALANT)

Polysulphide Sealant

BRONCO ® CEMSHIELD PS is a two component fuel resistant elastomeric joint sealant based on liquid Polysulphide resin and catalyst. When these two components are mixed, a flexible solid elastomeric rubber is formed