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Industrial Chemicals

Cement, aggregate and additive based industrial chemicals have significant role in strengthening any structure. Floor hardening materials offered under this category are effective in making concrete floor wear proof, impact protected, tough and hard that are needed for heavy traffic movement. Waterproof expansion joints with strong adhesiveness available as part of industrial chemicals come in handy for effective sealing of joints to minimize the emergence of surface crack in areas that frequently expose to thermal movement and heavy water pressure. All these chemicals have been tested on the basis of their content, sealing attributes, resistance capacity and chemical stability.

Floor Hardener

Available in ready to use form, offered BRONCO FLOOR TOP contains specially formulated cement, aggregate with metal content and additives.  This floor hardener is completely free from grease, oil and various other contaminants. Its application on fresh concrete substrate promotes forming of hard and tough monolithic flooring which is wear proof too.

Provided floor hardener is dust protected and is, therefore, ideal choice for industrial flooring that exposes to heavy traffic. This floor hardener is capable of enduring high impact load caused by shifting of heavy load over floor surface.

Building Expansion Joint

 Building expansion joint like BRONCO CEMSHIELD BAND EXP has excellent water resistance capacity. This expansion joint tape contains thermoplastic elastomer to treat cracks appeared on sealing joints in spaces that frequently expose to thermal movement and high water pressure. This building expansion joint can be applied on building outer surface. BRONCO CEMSHIELD BAND EXP can endure heated air and it is compatible with different sorts of adhesives.


Polysulphide Sealant

Liquid based polysulphide sealant is composed of catalyst and resin in precise amount. This two part fuel proof joint sealant has elastomer based content. This sealant has excellent flexibility level. Provided sealant shows strong adhesive properties to different types of building materials. This sealant is preferred over commonly used sealants like asphalt mastic, bitumen etc. Offered polysulphide sealant can be accessed in pour grade and gun grade versions.