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Liquid Applied Membrane

Liquid applied membranes are liquid coating materials that form rubber like elastomeric membrane on  applied concrete walls and roofing. These versatile type water proof membranes extend longevity of leaked roofs, basement, bridges and other concrete structures. Water and damp resistance properties of these membranes remain unaffected even during cold climactic conditions. Titanium di oxide based content of these membranes promotes effective reflection of solar radiation to reduce heat transmission inside buildings. Fast curing performance, strong adhesiveness, compatibility with different types of surfaces, capacity to reduce electricity consumption rate of applied structure and ability to fill gap and crack are the key characteristics of this range of membranes. 

Polysulphide Sealant

BRONCO CEMGUARD THERMOKRYL is pure acrylic polymer based elastomeric high build solar heat reflecting eco- friendly paint for roof and exterior walls. The cooling effect is designed with high quality titanium di oxide pigment which reflects more than 80% of solar radiation and specialty micronized ceramic hollow sphere which reduces heat transmission inside the room. The cured BRONCO CEMGUARD THERMOKRYL also acts as high performance waterproof membrane. When it is applied on exterior side walls and roof it reduces energy cost approximately 30%.

Packing  Size :-

20 kg Plastic Bucket

Polyurethane Coating

Single component polyurethane coating is accessible in liquid form. This elastomer containing coating has excellent water resistance capacity.

  • CEMSHIELD PU 1K  is suitable for outdoor application purpose.
  • It is suitable for cement and concrete based mortar.
  • Useful to make balcony, roof and terrace water protected

Crystalline Waterproof Coating

Available in ready to use form, offered crystalline waterproof coating is well known for its excellent damp protection capacity. Cemcrystal is composed of waterproof additives, damp protected bonding factor and well chosen inert materials. Accessible in powder form, this waterproof coating needs to be blended with water prior to its application. This coating tends to react when exposed to calcium hydroxide.  This coating solution guarantees about creating an integrated surface by forming crystallized material that is practically insoluble when crystallizes. This waterproof coating tends to promote osmotic coating of capillaries. This coating also contains additive based bond that tend to form double layer on cement. This dual layer prevents penetration of water for attaining a crystallized texture.